Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do you use the children’s milk drink, Yazoo's? 

A. Because it has the recommended quantities of protein & carbohydrate for refuelling. It has the added benefit of skimmed milk for rehydration. Phiz

Q. Should I mix my Creatine & Whey Protein together? 

A. I would use Whey Protein with nothing added straight after a weights session. Take the creatine earlier in the day before you workout or exercisse. Phiz

Q. How much will I have to pay for a Gilmores Groin Operation? 

A.The cost can vary depending if you are going to have one side done, both sides done and also if the operation involves an operation of the adductors. To see a current list of charges on The Gilmore Groin & Hernia Clinic, ‘Click Here’  Phiz

Q. How much Protein do I need per day?

A. In general 1 gram of Protien for each1 kg of your body weight if your inactive increasing to 2 grams of Protien for each 1 kg of body weigth for those who are very active. The precise figurs are 0.7grams & 1.7gramms per 1 kg of body weight but we prefer to use 1 and two as it makes the calculations easier. Eg an 80kg incative person would need 80 grams of protien per day: if they were very active that would rise to 160 grams per day.  Phiz

Q When should I take my Protein?

A. In general is should be spread out over the day. The exception to this is that after doing a weight session at the gym or elsewhere the current thinking is that you should consume 40 grams of whey protien immediately. This means before you, shower, change or drive home. Ideally drink it as you do your cool down. Phiz